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Every day is an opportunity to redefine your limits and awaken your true potential. Our holistic approach to fitness goes beyond mere physical training; it’s a comprehensive lifestyle evolution that empowers you to gain unmatched physical strength, sharpen your mental focus, and embrace the discipline of a healthy lifestyle. Here’s how we can help

1 on 1 Fitness Coaching

Achieve unparalleled results with our bespoke training, tailored specifically to your goals, offering dedicated support and expert guidance every step of the way.

Nutrition For life

Transform your health with our holistic nutrition program, designed to complement your fitness journey and nourish your body for optimal performance.

Semi-Private Coaching

Experience personalized coaching in a motivating small group setting, blending individual attention with the camaraderie of like-minded fitness enthusiasts in the small group.

Hybrid Coaching

Combining in-person personalized training and convenient virtual support, this program offers flexibility, motivation, and continuous guidance tailored to your lifestyle.

Virtual Nutrition and Fitness

Enhance your life when you join us virtually for meal prepping and exercise.


About Our Founder – Terrence Hanserd

Terrence is the founder and CEO of LivinProof365 which represents health and fitness 365 days of the year. Livinproof365 focuses on physical and mental preparation for staying disciplined to live a healthy lifestyle.

Terrence’s competitive nature and hunger for new fitness challenges led him to complete over 25 Spartan Races over the past 3 years. His newfound passion for Spartan has led him to become a personal fitness trainer and Spartan coach.

“Remember that motivation will get your journey started but discipline will get you to your goal. 90% of your health will come from habits, 10% will come from the variance!”

~ Terrence Hanserd


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With LivingProof365, you’re not just participating in a training program; you’re joining a community committed to excellence, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of becoming the best version of yourself. Let us guide you through a meticulously crafted pathway where every sweat, every challenge, and every victory brings you one step closer to your ultimate goals. Start your journey today and become living proof of what it means to thrive.